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OSAC Presents at the National APSE Conference

OSAC Representative Ross Ryan of Victory Nation and OCDD Staff Member Ryley Newport presented on methods for legislative advocacy in Philadelphia, PA on June 23rd at the National APSE Conference!

Click on the link to view our presentation: http://prezi.com/ftqsw52gih2y/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share


2015 Legislative Session Update

Legislative Advocacy Center OSAC had a powerful impact this past legislative session to improve our reputation at the State Capitol and to expand our advocacy efforts to help others with disabilities. Our goals for the 2015 legislative session were to have OSAC members be recognized a professionals and to advance policies that improve the lives of people with disabilities.

IMG_0572During the 2015 legislative session, OSAC members met with most of the legislators and testified on bills important to our goals. The bills that we were particularly concerned with were SB 555 (Ending Subminimum Wages), SB 777 (The ABLE Act), and SB 616 (Restoring the Fairview Trust). If you would like to learn more about these bills, visit OSAC’s Advocacy Tab to see our Legislative Fact Sheets and watch more videos!

We have included videos from this past legislative session, a few photos of us at the DD Advocacy Days and a presentation about our 2015 legislative session!

Ross Ryan testifies on subminimum wages

Justin Connolly supporting fellow OSAC Representative Ruth Morris in her testimony



OSAC’s Employment Committee

The Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition believes that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have living wage jobs in their communities.

  • Many people with developmental disabilities are told that they are un-employable or that they do not have to work because they get public assistance.
  • Employers share the same public misunderstanding that people with developmental disabilities cannot work.
  • Many people with developmental disabilities are paid less then minimum wage (through 14C). This is discriminatory and keeps people stuck in poverty.
  • Many people with developmental disabilities work in segregated sheltered workshops. We want to be productive members of our communities, have diversity in the job force, decrease stereotypes, and feel like equals.

Therefore, the Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition calls for

# 1 – All youth with intellectual and Developmental Disabilities must have a job, internship/training, or post 2nd education in place by the time they leave high school. Youth have access to resume training, think college, and job experience.

#2 – People with disabilities need to be paid a living wage (no more sub minimum wage).

#3 – Everyone has the right to integrated employment in the community. People who do not want to work in segregated employment settings should get support to find integrated community jobs.

# 4 – All people with I/DD get support to find and keep jobs in the community.

#5 – Job coaches must have training about how to work respectfully with people with I/DD and to understand their perspectives on employment.

The OSAC Employment Group meets by phone on the 2nd Monday of every month from 2pm-3:30pm. If you would like to join this group then email Ryley Newport at ryley.newport@ocdd.org.

OSAC’s Employment Committee Co-Chairs are Gabrielle Guedon and Ross Ryan (pictured above).

OSAC’s Guide to the World of Work!OSAC Guide to Work

OSAC’s Health Care Committee

The Oregon Self Advocacy Coalition believes that all people have the right to access good quality, affordable health care services. Many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) do not get the health care they need.

Secretary: Adrianna Richardson
Secretary: Adrianna Richardson

OSAC’s Health Care Committee meets by phone on the 4th Monday of every month from 11:30 am – 1:00pm. If you would like to join this group then email OSAC Health Care Committee Chair Adrianna Richardson at adriannarichardson@gmail.com.

OSAC’s Health Care Committee has created a fact sheet to guide our work and to set goals for the year. Check it out below!

Health Care Position Statement